1.6.4 - 23 May 2020

This adds the beta events UX.

1.6.3 - 18 May 2020

This update to 1.6 fixes an error with the applications validation system and also adds beta dark mode.

1.6.2 - 15 May 2020

This fixes the following:

  • Email preferences were missing from the dashboard, they can now be found in preferences.
  • Minor UI issues
  • (admin) URL paths

1.6.1 - 11 May 2020

The 1.6.1 hotfix removes several issues and bugs.

  • Moved to the self-hosted version of the homepage timelapse.
  • Updated URLs for images and added a background to the transparent/white images on the branding page.
  • Fixed some URLs (admin side)

1.6.0 - 10 May 2020

This update provides UI updates and a new feedback system. View the GitHub milestone here.

Main Changes

  • New feedback system which allows you to submit feedback on controllers, operations, and our website to Gander staff without sending an email or opening a support ticket.
  • Randomised banner images on the dashboard.
  • ATC Resources is added back to the dashboard.
  • Added a cool timelapse to the home page in place of the image currently there.

UI Changes

  • natTRAK added to pilots section.
  • Fixed avatar rounding on new controllers section on home page.
  • Fixed online sectors on big map.
  • Added News to the navbar.
  • Added Blog to the publications dropdown on navbar.
  • Made About page on website more visible and added github/canary links.
  • New error pages.

Other Changes

  • (Admin) Revised core settings functions, moving it into the /admin/settings path along with emails, rotation images, and audit log.
  • Change to Semantic versioning, meaning that YYMM (this would be 2005) versioning system is now retired.
  • Sharpened blown up image on home page.
  • Updated website change log to the blog.

If you wish to contribute images for the random banners on the dashboard, please contact us.

1.5.0 (2001b3) - 17 January 2020

  • Updated CSS, with blue header, flatter and more curved objects, and a CZQO 'light blue' colour
  • Updated look of pages to be more unified (i.e. new headers)
  • Controller tools on dashboard now fed by ATC Resources
  • New 'manage your data' page, which eventually will allow you to export data to an email. This is disabled to allow for refining first.
  • New staff page with new groups.
  • Updated default avatar.
  • Map page because why not

1.4.0 (2001b1) - 15 December 2019

Main Changes

New CSS/design, using MDBootstrap
News has been redesigned
Events (beta)


Changed from TinyMCE to Markdown
Changed formatting of times to more human readable foramt


Added hours test for making an application

1.3.0 (1909) - 22 September 2019

  • Finally fixed SSO (it was an RSA key issue)
  • Updated news article urls to use slugs instead of the ID. URLs with an ID will still work.
  • Added a page showing all news https://czqo.vatcan.ca/news
  • Minor UI tweaks all around

1.2.0 (1907) - 16 July 2019

  • Refreshed top navigation bar
  • Added tutorial to dashboard
  • New staff page
  • Added ATC resources page to replace sector files page
  • Added display name settings for new VATSIM CoC

1.1.0 (1902) - 24 Feburary 2019

  • Added integrated roster with user list
  • Fix issues with ticket system regarding closing tickets, UI improvments
  • TinyMCE 5
  • Carousel on home page
  • New NAT tracks page based on Leaflet
  • Improved notifications


1902 (240219-2)

  • Added roster api calls

1902 (210319-1)

1.0.0 (1901) - 13 January 2019

Initial release of CZQO Core 1901.

  • Added ticket system
  • New home page layout
  • Improved news system
  • Verify legacy roster status
  • Applications system for staff
  • and more!